International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education

TOPICS The Conference will provide a presentation and discussion plataform for new educational environments and their application. The organising committee is committed to giving an overview of the state of the art as well as upcoming trends, and to promoting discussion about the pedagogical potential of new learning and educational technologies both in the academic and corporate world. The focus of the conference will be on technological, pedagogical, networking, and community building innovation. Contributions to the following topics will be given higher priority: General Issues · E-learning and m-learning in the information society · Virtual campus · Quality assessment in open and distance education · Organizational, legal and financial issues · Social impact · Education and globalisation · Gender issues in ICT Education · Networked learning and developing countries · The role of traditional institutions in global virtual learning Pedagogical & Didactical Issues · Multilingual learning environments · Collaborative learning · Coaching & tutoring · Active & interactive learning · Knowledge and skills in virtual environments · Blended Learning · Systems for special needed persons · Teaching/learning strategies · Collaborative learning/groupware · Adaptive and intelligent applications · Application of instructional design theories · Evaluation of learning technology systems · ICT in Continuing/Adult Education · ICTs in Health Education Technological Issues · Web-based courseware · Online vs. Offline · Educational multimedia · 3D Environments · On the teachers' side: authoring tools · Virtual Laboratories · Advanced uses of multimedia and hypermedia · Integrated learning environments · Artificial Intelligence in learning technology · Machine Learning · Cognitive Sciences, Learning Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction · Metadata applications · Agents technology · Virtual reality · Internet suited multimedia technologies: Audio and video streaming, etc . · Mobile learning: Wireless technologies, UMTS, GPRS, WAP. · Integration of collaborative tools: Discussion groups, chatrooms, whiteboards, shared workspaces, e-mail, videoconferencing. · Arquitectures and platforms for distributed teaching and learning. Knowledge Management Typically, technical contributions deal with open questions in specific fields related to knowledge management. Topics may include but are not limited to: Content-based multimedia indexing and retrieval Frameworks for knowledge portals Personalization Business Intelligence Management of distributed knowledge Semantic web infrastructures and ontologies Best practice contributions report on experiences en-countered in knowledge management projects. Topics may include but are not limited to: Communities of Practice Knowledge management in decision making Knowledge management in business process management Organizational learning Virtual knowledge environments

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